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The advanced welfare policies of our nation and the improved living quality of the people have induced the physically or otherwise handicapped populations to demand easier and more varied moving. Manual/automated wheelchairs (both manual and automated) is designed to be contained in vehicles without any additional expensive fixtures, such as lifts or hoists, for the handicapped people with the minimum required muscular movements to transport the wheelchairs in their vehicles. The handicapped people who can freely move the arms can manipulate the wheelchair for various functions.
- Application of low-speed high-torque AFPM BLDC motors for integrated wheels of the manual/automated wheelchairs. Lightweight structure for overall system and simplified mechanical structure
- A controller for the electric wheelchair suitable for similar handicaps and a parallel drive control with fluent speed and directional movement in the low-speed range of direct-drive motors
- Manual/automated wheelchairs can satisfy the handicapped people's needs of exercises and desires to move by allowing all functional manipulations of manual and automated driving in one unit without the need to install additional device to transport the wheelchair in automobiles.
AFPM Motor for EVs Wheelchairs
- Small in scale and light in weight for high capacity
- High efficiency, low noise and easy cooling than radial type
- Slotless and coreless for low cogging or vibration and reduced electrical noise
- High precision control with BLDC motors
- Axis or frame may be used for rotation for certain uses
- Applicable to a wide range of velocities
- High precision and control with advanced controller technology for motors
- Small-scale and lightweight equipments
Prototype EVS Wheelchair
Output Rotation Speed Drive Type Wheel Diameter Driving Speed

80 rpm


600mm 9km/h
Wheel-chair controller
Drive of Motors by Joystick Coordinates (R-M: To Right, L-M: To Left)
Prototype Manual/Automated Wheelchair

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