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Brushless permanent Magnet Motor
- Motors for 21st century's ultramodern industrialization: small scale, precision, high efficiency
- Problems of commutator-type DC motors: explosive and short in life span
- Permanent magnet with high energy density: small-scale units
- Development of motor controllers: high efficiency
- Location of rotors: hall sensor, encoder, resolver, sensorless, etc
Characteristics of AFPM Coreless Motors
- Applicable to low-speed high-torque motors and high-speed motors
- High output per unit weight. Small in scale, light in weight and efficiently easy cooling.
- Coreless for reduced energy loss and slotless for reduced cogging torque: efficiency
- Attachable in integration with frame or axis
- Attachable in integration with driver or motor
Home Appliances
-Washing Machines
washing machines are mainly powered by motors and are composed of a mechanical motor for power supply, a controller, and a water supplier and drainer. When the existing motor is replaced with the AFPM BLDC motor, the thin motor body and its direct-drive mechanism with no belt allows bigger washing drums. Also, reduced mechanical defects and higher ratio of torque per weight improve working efficiency of the washing machine and save consumed electric energy.

-Vacuum Cleaners
vacuum cleaners rotate the blades in high speed to make the internal space vacuum and absorb dusts or waste matters through its inhalers. AFPM motors can reduce the noise and vibration generated by the vacuum cleaners, improve its working efficiency, and save consumed electric energy.

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