Seoyoung Tech Inc. has been dedicated to researching, developing and producing 21st century's pollution-free environmental-friendly Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) motors and generators for the next generation and is aiming to become the pioneer of the new generation's rotary machines by exploring many applications for various uses.

Seoyoung Tech Inc. is government-recognized venture company for new technologies that prioritize environment and energy.
AFPM generators have higher energy densities per volume and shorter axial length for slimmer apparatuses than other generators, so can be attached unified on the wheels. Its simple structure relies on direct drive not requiring transmissions such as gears or belts, and can result in innovative lightweight end products. Additionally, AFPM generators are very suitable for wind force generating systems, because they have the capacity to increase the transform efficiency of the wind energy into the electricity as the frame itself revolves allowing direct attachment of blades onto the frame.

Presently, the technology level for AFPM electric devices has reached several kW in capacity and the production of larger products have been in process. AFPM BLDC generators are designed to fit direct-drive vehicles, such as electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric wheelchairs.

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