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Wind Force Blades - Horizontal Blades

The angle formed by the revolving surface of the blades on horizontal wind power generators and the chord line of the blades is defined as the pitch angle. Since the blade is twisted as it reaches the root from the tip, the revolving surface and the chord line of the blades unify on the tip during normal drive for 0 pitch angle. The ratio of the chord lengths on the tip and the root of the blades is called the Taper Ratio.
Characteristics of Wind Force Blades
- Aerodynamic designs, uni-directional Carbon Fiber
- Low driving wind velocity
- Low noise, stealth-acoustic
- High-strength, fiberglass reinforced
- Adaptable to a wide range of wind velicities (Max 27m/sec)
Application : Small Wind Power
Model Blades/Turbine Output power(W) Rated Wind Speed(m/s) Blade material

3 (1.05m blade)



Carbon reinforced fiberglass


3 (0.88m blade)



PAG(Glass Reinforced Polyamide)
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